Some Things Change and Other Things Just Grow Old

A man on the bus wore his baggy jeans pulled down far enough so that his grey underwear was the only fabric between his blue seat and his entire bum. So much for his belt. I wonder if it feels cooler, temperature wise that is, because of a breeze.

I was a bit surprised that people still dressed like that.It jolted me back to my middle and high school years when I would shake my head at the boys dragging their pants up every so often so as not to completely reveal their boxers. It occurred to me, when I saw that this method of wearing pants was still alive, that I had unconsciously assumed that just as I had grown out of my judgmental head-shaking at boys and their drooping shorts, that those boys had stopped wearing the shorts in that drooping manner. Partly to do with technology and politics and partly to do with the many transitions since finishing high school, I had begun to see American society as one that is constantly and rapidly changing. Perhaps as a whole we are indeed always morphing at least on the surface level, but occasionally there are pockets of culture that stubbornly hold on for longer than necassary. Sometimes they are in the form of old buildings and food preparations while other times they are certain clothing styles that refuse to die out because of marketing or deep habits.

Whatever the cause of these barely hanging pants on boys’ bums, I’m curious to know the purpose and benefit of these slack, falling, and otherwise inconvenient looking jeans.


What are your thoughts?

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