Another Friday

As you may or very probably may not remember from last week, I’ve been busy trying to ‘adult’. Part of this means I’ve fallen into certain weekly routines(Oh how dreadful that word used to sound!). Fridays are typically house cleaning, grocery shopping, and visit a local cafe kind of days. But today was a little more interesting so I figured, why not tell the whole world about it??

I helped the Dad with a garage exterior paint job. I was reminded of how not in shape my arms are…

Couldn’t avoid grocery shopping so went to Costco and of course got their $1.50 bratwurst and drink combo (yay for cheap(er) food!)

Cooked and devoured a delicious dinner at friend’s house.

Had to decide between going out for a drink or staying in and applying face masks with said friend.

Chose the latter and now we’re both blogging before bed. Yeah, we’re that cool.

It’s just past 10pm and I can already feel the cells in my body whispering, it is time to rest thy weary bones. And because I am still trying to ‘adult’ I should listen to the wisdom of those voices and peace out for the day. So…

Peace out!


What are your thoughts?

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