Seeing Pain

I wonder what it would be like if our pain was visible on our skin like the physical scars of a terrible motorcycle crash. What if emotional, physical, and spiritual pain made our skin change colors or create lumps and rashes. I wonder how that would change the way we see people. I wonder, if that happened all of a sudden, would we become more aware and compassionate towards our fellow humans who have experienced a vast array pains. How would people react to those you have pain like large intricate tattoos plastered on their arms, stomach, and forehead? Or those who have a rainbow of deep hues splotched on their legs, hands, and faces? A lot of us might realize we are not alone in our pains too.

But people will be people. It seems every opportunity for good is also opportunity for evil.

I have a feeling that compassion would be lost on many people after a short while and we would then create social hierarchies that marginalized or looked down on people of certain domineering pains while putting others on pedestals. I wonder at how the cosmetic industry would thrive on the insecurities of people’s visible pain. And how would the pain of insecurities even show up? How devastating that would be for corporations and organizations all across the board, professional and not. What if people simply started covering their whole bodies to keep their pains private? Modesty would have a whole new look. I can only imagine how many people would develop the symptoms of shame overshadowing much of their more minor pains. Or perhaps we would become desensitized towards the pains of others. Maybe people would prefer, more than ever, to stay within clusters of people who have experienced the same kind of pains such as poverty, oppression, and discrimination.

Or better yet, what if people began living a completely virtual life, only interacting through social media platforms and having all their needs delivered to them via Amazon Prime.


What are your thoughts?

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