Tuesday Tiny Tale #18

It wasn’t every day that Lisa encountered a dazzling man while looking for spinach. But today she did.

She was on her way to the fresh produce and just like that, a man, a beautiful man holding a grocery basket, turned out of an aisle and was walking towards her. Just as they were close enough for Lisa to greet him with a shy smile, his hand reached into his pocket, pulled out a phone, and he smiled a perfect smile. His eyes were staring into his smartphone.

Lisa got a good glance at his angular facial features, tall stature donning a clean and classy sweater-and-jeans outfit. Around his neck hung a medical student I.D. tag. The man only looked up after Lisa had passed. Who was making him smile like that on his phone? A girlfriend perhaps?

Lisa kept resenting that moment afterwards. Not that she would have done anything beyond a smile. She wasn’t brave enough. But maybe she would have if she’d had the chance, she reasoned. At the leafy greens section she couldn’t decide between getting a bag of spring mix salad or sticking to the regular spinach she had intended and usually got. In reality, her mind wasn’t too focused on what she needed to buy. The image of the tall man stayed at the forefront of her mind. She stood in front of the lettuce and greens, right in the middle of the aisle for several long seconds.

Excuse me. 

Someone was trying to get passed behind her. Lisa mumbled a sorry and stepped toward the spinach. She glanced back at the person now walking away from her. It was him!

She’d missed him again! Should she go talk to him? Another glance and she could see that he had no ring on. Was this fate?

Yet he was already turning into another aisle. For a split second Lisa despaired. To run towards him would be too much of an embarrassing effort. No. If anything, his turning the corner, perhaps never to be seen by her again, was a confirmation that fate was not planning such a union.

Lisa sighed. She grabbed her spinach and headed for the cash registers. On the way, she was stopped by the store’s selection of ice creams. A tub of toffee ice cream in one hand and the spinach in the other, Lisa left the grocery store and the beautiful man.




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