I first heard about Christkindlmarket whilst researching for a project during my office assistant days. That was about three years ago. I FINALLY made it out there this past Monday night.

As warned, everything was overpriced(in my wallet’s opinion). The real fun was in walking through the bustling aisles and sights, smells, and sounds drifting from all the vendors and shops. The morning and afternoon had been wet and gloomy but the rain paused for the evening and all the booths and pop-up shops were lit up and busy.

A lot of woodwork knickknacks and carved toys were on display:

I have an affinity for mushrooms as I associate them with fairies, food, and miniatures.
Speaking of miniatures.

Apparently the German’s were the first to make blown glass balls and then turned and sold them as Christmas tree decorations. I devoured a tasty bratwurst and sauerkraut while waiting in a long line to see these delicate baubles.

At the entrance were some traditional looking baubles.

And then there were rows upon rows of glass figurines: from wide-eyed owls to iconic landmarks like the Eiffel tower, lumpy pickles to smiling firefighters, and shamrock-enclosed hearts to really real looking wine bottles!20151221_190214


20151221_19064320151221_190443There were, of course, a lot of food vendors. Lots of beer and hot beverages. The roasted nuts at Sweet Castle smelled divine. I’m not a big candy person so I only got a single pack of Haselnuss Milketten, which I’d never seen or heard(at least in my existing memory). Not sure I’m a fan of them though. I did however buy three slabs of Brun-uusto, a.k.a ‘bread cheese’ after  taking a sample from the cute cheese hawker. I regret not taking a picture…

And then there were a couple nuns representing St. Roger Abbey French Patisserie with some sweet organic baked good.

The other Nun was giving out samples of some pretty tasty British baked goods.

And finally, I present to you the largest Nativity scene I’ve ever seen in person. Not that I’ve been on the lookout for them. Especially not in the middle of Chicago.


Tune in next week if you like buttons!


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