A Button Story

Several Tuesdays ago I spent the better part of the day on a treasure hunt. I visited the Textile Discount Outlet, best friend of seamstresses, fashion designer students, and DIY clothes makers. I was here to help a lady find a couple buttons but couldn’t seem to find the right one in the large button selection on the first floor. The lady called someone for help and that person called over Mario.

Mario, the chill self-proclaimed button man, led us past aisles of hundreds of fabrics and costume materials. The rolls, patterns, and textures available were endless! Sequins and lace, Velcro and elastic ribbons, rhinestones and tassels, you could find them all here. Button Guy has us ride the industrial elevator to the topmost floor to button depot.

I kid you not there were shelves upon shelves upon shelves of boxes on top of boxes of bags and bags of buttons. The lady, Button Guy, and I searched high and low for the right assortment of buttons. When we finally decided they were not among the organized and labeled, we had to look through the boxes of unsorted buttons. After the Button Guy left, the lady and I rummaged through thousands of loose and mixed buttons, picking out some of our favorites and assorting some along the way. We got covered in dust and our hands coated with gray dirt.

After a while I realized my tray of pretty buttons was growing into a nice little collection. Even though I wasn’t planning on buying anything, I couldn’t help but create piles of matching buttons. In the end I did buy two buttons for 25 cents and the lady bought more than what she needed.


Does the phrase ‘cute as a button’ come to mind?



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