One Less Tooth(ache) Without You

Last Saturday I got my only problematic wisdom tooth extracted. The other three are still chillin’ in my mouth and will hopefully stay chill for the rest of my mortality. It was surprisingly quick and hardly painful. As a bonus, the lamp above me was so reflective that I was able to witness what my dear dentist was doing to my gums and tooth. It was a bloody mess but very interesting and slightly disturbing to watch. I now have a gaping dark hole where my tooth once was. Just like that, a part of me was tossed out into trash. I wasn’t able to see the tooth before it was thrown out and I was oddly disappointed.

The next day(yesterday) I thought, man, this isn’t so bad at ALL(except for having to eat soup and mush all day)! I real evening stroll with Puffer, despite being told I shouldn’t exert myself on the first few days. Well, I should have taken that advice instead of getting home hot, dehydrated, and unreasonably tired. I’d mostly just eaten some soft cabbage soup all day. Apparently that is not enough to give you any real energy.

Then this morning… I couldn’t get up. Well I could, but I fell right back into bed. When I was able to pull myself up, nausea and fatigue trailed me into the kitchen for cereal and then into the shower. I was supposed to work at home and wasn’t five minutes in when I stopped being able to write a coherent sentence. Then I puked. Ha..ha..ha…

I knocked out until noon and colored a picture of a crab. I was able to fit in some work too.

Aside from a dizzying migraine and feeling like I got a concussion on one whole side of my head, I’m now ‘okay’. At least okay enough to get up from my desk and crawl back into bed with a mug of honey tea.


What are your thoughts?

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