A Month’s Worth of Life

A month I ago I mentioned I got a tooth extraction. The hole in my mouth still lives. That’s beside the point. The point is, a lot of unrelated things were going on since that day and I feel I might forget some of them if I don’t share it here:

  • An old friend from NY came to visit Chicago for a week and crashed at our place.
  • I watched my first White Sox game… and they did not do too hot, unlike some of our Olympian athletes  \(^o^)/!
  • Attended my first wedding of the year…much food, much dancing…
  • Saw Gwyneth Paltrow, Zooey Deschanel, and Ashton Kutcher ~(*u*)~ at Sage Summit 2016! Oh yeah, there some other celebrities too but I didn’t really know many of them beforehand like Sir Richard Branson or the stars of Shark Tank… I do now though!
  • SIGNED MY FIRST APARTMENT LEASE!!! After much searching I’ll finally be moving out at the end of the month to greener pastures(well except I won’t even have a backyard and patio like I do now, much less a pasture).
  • Our church moved to a new location with bigger facilities and we finally have Wednesday night services! I prefer Wednesday nights over Friday. Who doesn’t need a break in the middle of the week??
  • I’ll be shifting to working part-time in the city and part-time remotely which means I can spend more time sleeping in… I love working at home and I love getting my sleep. Yes, sleep is my friend.
  • Also got my first parking ticket. Apparently it’s okay to post street-cleaning signs the night before the cleaning and expect everyone to see it and move their cars…
  • I tried 19 different restaurants for the first time… up until this year I hardly ever ate out. I think I may be going overboard just a tiny bit though.
  • Last week I spent a random night at a spa resort hotel because of work. It was really nice but a bit big with it’s huge flatscreen and King size bed for just little ole’ me hahaha.

Okay now I’m going to spend the rest of the night eating leftover deep-dish and baking peanut butter chip cookies.


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