How A Skunk Told Me It’s Okay

I lost my wallet. This has never happened to me before. And the strangest(or so I think) part is that it was in my room when I last handled it, and I have eyewitnesses for this.

Anyways, a couple days of ransacking my home, my car, and even the yard, left me with a new project for the next couple weeks. That is the replace-everything-that-was-in-my-wallet and reset-every-direct-deposit-and-payments-linked-to-my-lost-card-accounts. Fortunately, there was no cash in there -only one gift card. Unfortunately, I can’t drive anywhere until I get my license card from the mail in about two weeks. That means I have to find someone to drive me and my stuff to the new apartment. I hope I’ll get my cards before then too…

The day I realized my wallet was gone it was already evening. When I couldn’t find it anywhere inside I started hunting around outside. Using a flashlight, I retraced all my steps, including digging through the recycle and trash bins. I was so distracted I didn’t notice the creature in the flower bed until I heard a rustle.

There, in front of me was a skunk, tail high and back arched in defense.

I slowly backed away. I’d never been sprayed before and intended to keep it that way. I may have lost access to my money and driving privileges but I understood then that it could have been much, much worse.

And it’s true. Really, there is nothing new about losing a wallet. It happens all the time. It’s an odd comfort to know that many others have been in my shoes and worse. If anything, it’s sobering to look beyond my personal problem and consider how a single lost wallet is one in a million lost wallets.

So thank you skunk, for scaring me in the dark and reminding me that my experience is a common enough thing just like getting sprayed by you would have been. Now I have more space to devote to higher thoughts, like how I’m going to get my bestseller on the market or when I should get started on that bestseller.


What are your thoughts?

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