Free to Follow Rules

Literally, I could write about whatever I want.

I think this is too much freedom for me. That’s why I need guidelines. I need parameters. Thankfully the freedom to write whatever I want includes not writing whatever I want and following some kind of structure.

That being said, in honor of my Thursday Thankfulness tradition, I declare my admiration, gratitude, and respect for rules. Most rules, that is. And by most I mean many. And by rules, I mean guidelines.

More specifically, I am appreciating my personal rules that have developed over the years and acted as a rubric for my day to day activities. These rules are not moral by nature though some may be based on some moral value. Instead, they encompass strains of my philosophy and practical practices that I have thought, in some cases, rather deeply about. Some of my rules come from life experiences while other are derived from hours of curiosity-led research.

I suppose everyone has rules whether they consciously think them as such or not. One of these days I may be inspired to write a series on my personal ones.



What are your thoughts?

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