Friday Fun Festivities[of the fantasy kind]

The most exciting thing I did today was daydream about traveling to quaint little towns around the world -unless I count dropping off rent checks or toasting precooked chicken nuggets, which by the way is pretty exciting if you’re a hungry enough omnivore. Anyway, the reveries of villages I’ve never been to and secretive hamlets hidden from the modern traveler were not original. For example, Google “charming village” or “quaint hamlet”(not “cute hamlet”) in Images. Thousands of lovely townscapes will instantly surface, idyllic scenes of cobblestone streets and moss-adorned stone walls around the most picturesque of dwelling places. That is if you have decent speed internet access. I won’t assume you do as I’ve been battling with wifi with connectivity issues today and hopefully, by the time it starts working I can still call it a Friday night when this gets posted. That’s one downside I imagine one might have of living in a rural, semi-secluded town, where the most up-to-date bungalow is too out-of-date to have great coverage. While perfect for a two-week getaway, not perfect for streaming Netflix. Another downside would be if there was poor plumbing. I really appreciate flushing toilets. Especially in the middle of nowhere or nestled on a ledge of a lush mountainside. 


What are your thoughts?

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