Mundane Monday

I made it to LA! I have 4 days here. Some of my adventures are to be posted!

The plane ride was a little over 4 hours I’m not a huge fan of flying (flying a higher grade than the cheapest economy class flights might change my mind). It’s not just the ear—popping, throat-drying, lips-cracking altitude. It’s also the steady rumbling rush of the wind, the butt-numbing turbulence, and the moving-out-of-the-way hassle for toilet trips. Again, I’m sure more luxurious accommodations would address some of these issues.

Anyways, other than a minor flurry of activities in the morning, it was still, for the most part, a mundane Monday in which I performed a most mundane habit for a long stretch of time. Though I prefer not to, I practice it quite often and during rather large portions of my waking hours.

I am referring to sitting. I sat a lot today. Indeed, I sit too much and that is a sad fact. I consider it one of the reasons I do not like flying. But here’s another fact. I sit even when I’m not on a plane. The truth is, had I not been on a plane, there’s a good chance I would have spent the same amount of time sitting at home or at a cafe or at the library because it turns out I enjoy doing a lot of things that’s often done sitting. That includes writing this post.



What are your thoughts?

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