Mundane Monday Rant

It has been one of those days I really should have slept in.

It turns out, planning a particularly productive day does not mean the world will cooperate with you. On that day you will have incredibly slow and spotty internet that will wreak havoc on your work schedule. A building water shut off in the morning will mean you can’t do laundry to start packing for an important trip. The mic on your will phone decide it doesn’t want to work… just for a little while or long enough for you to want to smash the little gadget against concrete. People will ask you for favors that will waste your time and money and energy. The overall inconsiderateness and flakiness of some people will astound you. Then you will find that any little mess of your own -a single dirty dish, for example, will be too much and you’ll want to scream or cry because half of the meaningful things you want to do will never get done because of that dirty dish. After a bout of exaggerated frustration, you might frown over how pathetic you are for moping in your privileged swivel chair. And then, Lord willing, you will get over your tantrum and go about your day because it’s only 3 pm and you can’t go back to bed quite yet.



What are your thoughts?

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