Floral Preparations and Miniatures

We spent the morning driving around town hunting for the best supplies for the casket spray. We traveled back and forth between A.C.Moore and Michaels and Wegmans and Creative Florist and Costco to find the right supplies.  Pro tip: buy your flowers at Costco. We gathered all our roses there and the rest of the flowers and supplies were from everywhere else.

I rarely bring home anything from those crafty stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Occasionally I will waltz inside one to feel inspired by the creative possibilities they display. Today I saw fairy garden figurines and they immediately sent my mental gears into fanciful motion. As I surveyed the shelves of mushroom houses and packaged miniatures, I imagined how the world would feel and look like when walking in the hypothetical shoes of a tiny garden fairy.



What are your thoughts?

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