Griffith Observatory 2/7/17

After sitting through La La Land and scanning positive yelp reviews I insisted my local friend take me to Griffith Observatory despite the gloomy forecast. Apparently, dreary clouds and drizzling skies are atypical of LA. If the movies are anything to go by, this must be true. On the bright but less sunny side, the recent rains had cut the drought and painted a livelier geography than the usual dusty colors.


See how green the shrubs are? We drove up a winding road to reach the observatory.


We made it to the top! As you can see, you cannot see the sun.
Overcast day view. Notice the photo shoot happening in the corner. Yes I discreetly watched them for a bit.


Behold, the periodic table lit up in fancy lights.




Located in the underground portion of the museum is the “Cosmic Connection”, a very long ribbon of star brooches and jewelry. I liked the sun and moon kissing.

We spent a good couple hours perusing the museum, selectively reading fun facts, and watching the free exhibits. I discovered that I only weigh about 20 pounds on our moon. The museum is worth the visit on a sunnier day and clearer night to take advantage of the solar and Zeiss telescopes.

By the time we thought it should be dark enough to see the night city lights we glanced outside…and witness the heavens crying. I stepped out into the rain to see what I could. It wasn’t much and we decided it was time to head out. I had missed the famous night cityscape.  I still took pictures on our way to the car.


Here’s the view..
And from another side in case the first one wasn’t clear enough.
Fog for all!

The thick ethereal mist clouded out the horizon and gave our downhill drive a sense of adventure!

It was a fun trip especially because of the friends I was with. But the hazy view and the Getty Center are both solid reasons for me to return to LA one day.


What are your thoughts?

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