Thursday Thankfulness

So I missed posting yesterday. I have failed my first February writing challenge. I was in the middle of writing late last night and I fell asleep mid-thought. Just like that. My mistake was writing in bed in an overly exhausted state. I did have time at the airport because of a delayed flight… but I chose to read for the two and half hours of waiting. That may have been my other mistake. Though it’s not as an excuse, something about the airport atmosphere and the usual circumstances of why I’m there is not conducive to focused writing. It’s as if I can get distracted by every conceivable thing!

Anyway, today is about sharing something I’m thankful for. And among my endless supply of reasons for gratitude are two related things:

  1. I love the cleaned-up and polished feeling after I get a haircut. That feeling was definitely there after chopping off six inches of my raven locks yesterday morning. As a bonus, it doesn’t feel like I’ve tied weights to my hair when it’s in a ponytail!
  2. I also appreciate that the hair on my head still grows quickly. I seem to lose a lot of hair in the shower and don’t have as much on my head as I used to, but it’s still growing strong!




What are your thoughts?

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