Tuesday Tiny Tale

There was movement outside. It was almost midnight but something or someone had cast a momentary shadow from the streetlamp just in front of the house.

Maddie slid out of bed. She peeked through the gap between her window curtains. Moths flit around the streetlamp. All was still otherwise. She stood there for a few seconds, straining her eyes and ears.

Nothing. If not her then surely the cameras would detect anyone sneaking around. Still, Maddie waited, unable to fall asleep anyway. The suburbs were too quiet. They said it was safer here.

Finally, Maddie climbed back into bed. The squeaking mattress and ruffling of her blanket seemed much too loud. As she pulled the sheets over herself she thought she heard barking in the distance. She stopped to listen and kept her eyes on the window.

Then she heard the bedroom door creak behind her.


What are your thoughts?

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