Wednesday Wondering

This Starbucks is playing their Favorite Film Music Spotify playlist. Songs like “Chim Chim Cher-ee” and “My Heart Will Go On” and “Listen” is making it difficult to focus. All I want to do is sing along…

I was tempted to replace my topic to a Wednesday Woe post just so I could complain but I’ve already done a rant not too long ago… No point in reliving these kind of troubles unless it’ll get you something -like free flyer miles after submitting a formal written complaint about the flight attendant spilling tomato juice all over you. Which, by the way, did NOT happen to me.

Anyway, every time I come to a cafe like this one, with people vigorously tapping away on laptops or discussing some kind of business, I like to imagine what kind of activities they might be up to. What could he be looking at with laser focus on his Mac? What are they talking about so excitedly that involve patents and dollar figures? What is she writing in her notebook, ever so lazily with the occasional pause and sigh? And why is that pastry-eating child staring at me?

And then my thoughts veer to the hundreds of individuals that have passed through the cafe’s doors just today. I wonder how many of their lives are more hectic than mine or more exciting or more routine. And I wonder what kind of ideas are conjured by the sight me? Especially that child who is finished with is pastry but still keeping an eye on me, albeit more discreetly, while his parents chat together in Spanish. Three times now I’ve caught his gaze and he’s abruptly turned his head away each time.





What are your thoughts?

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