Monday Mundane Moments

I took a nap this afternoon. It was terrible when my 25 min timer went off. I could not get up. Instead, I dismissed the alarm and slept for another hour.


Filled with Food

I’ve been eating too much since arriving here last Wednesday. Every day I’ve eaten meals to the point of discomfort. And there was always dessert. Which means I overstuffed my face and then indulgently ate some more. I generally gain a few pounds every time I visit my family here in NY. It is quite unavoidable. A fact of my life.

But no worries! Once I return home my diet will return to more regular (for me) proportions. It will also be healthier as I will not be consuming dozens of cookies, chocolate covered fruits and pretzels, brownies, and sodas. I will also discontinue eating such bountiful servings of meat and white carbohydrates. It might be a bit sad though.

Mundane Monday Rant

It has been one of those days I really should have slept in.

It turns out, planning a particularly productive day does not mean the world will cooperate with you. On that day you will have incredibly slow and spotty internet that will wreak havoc on your work schedule. A building water shut off in the morning will mean you can’t do laundry to start packing for an important trip. The mic on your will phone decide it doesn’t want to work… just for a little while or long enough for you to want to smash the little gadget against concrete. People will ask you for favors that will waste your time and money and energy. The overall inconsiderateness and flakiness of some people will astound you. Then you will find that any little mess of your own -a single dirty dish, for example, will be too much and you’ll want to scream or cry because half of the meaningful things you want to do will never get done because of that dirty dish. After a bout of exaggerated frustration, you might frown over how pathetic you are for moping in your privileged swivel chair. And then, Lord willing, you will get over your tantrum and go about your day because it’s only 3 pm and you can’t go back to bed quite yet.


Mundane Monday

I made it to LA! I have 4 days here. Some of my adventures are to be posted!

The plane ride was a little over 4 hours I’m not a huge fan of flying (flying a higher grade than the cheapest economy class flights might change my mind). It’s not just the ear—popping, throat-drying, lips-cracking altitude. It’s also the steady rumbling rush of the wind, the butt-numbing turbulence, and the moving-out-of-the-way hassle for toilet trips. Again, I’m sure more luxurious accommodations would address some of these issues.

Anyways, other than a minor flurry of activities in the morning, it was still, for the most part, a mundane Monday in which I performed a most mundane habit for a long stretch of time. Though I prefer not to, I practice it quite often and during rather large portions of my waking hours.

I am referring to sitting. I sat a lot today. Indeed, I sit too much and that is a sad fact. I consider it one of the reasons I do not like flying. But here’s another fact. I sit even when I’m not on a plane. The truth is, had I not been on a plane, there’s a good chance I would have spent the same amount of time sitting at home or at a cafe or at the library because it turns out I enjoy doing a lot of things that’s often done sitting. That includes writing this post.


One Less Tooth(ache) Without You

Last Saturday I got my only problematic wisdom tooth extracted. The other three are still chillin’ in my mouth and will hopefully stay chill for the rest of my mortality. It was surprisingly quick and hardly painful. As a bonus, the lamp above me was so reflective that I was able to witness what my dear dentist was doing to my gums and tooth. It was a bloody mess but very interesting and slightly disturbing to watch. I now have a gaping dark hole where my tooth once was. Just like that, a part of me was tossed out into trash. I wasn’t able to see the tooth before it was thrown out and I was oddly disappointed.

The next day(yesterday) I thought, man, this isn’t so bad at ALL(except for having to eat soup and mush all day)! I real evening stroll with Puffer, despite being told I shouldn’t exert myself on the first few days. Well, I should have taken that advice instead of getting home hot, dehydrated, and unreasonably tired. I’d mostly just eaten some soft cabbage soup all day. Apparently that is not enough to give you any real energy.

Then this morning… I couldn’t get up. Well I could, but I fell right back into bed. When I was able to pull myself up, nausea and fatigue trailed me into the kitchen for cereal and then into the shower. I was supposed to work at home and wasn’t five minutes in when I stopped being able to write a coherent sentence. Then I puked. Ha..ha..ha…

I knocked out until noon and colored a picture of a crab. I was able to fit in some work too.

Aside from a dizzying migraine and feeling like I got a concussion on one whole side of my head, I’m now ‘okay’. At least okay enough to get up from my desk and crawl back into bed with a mug of honey tea.

Just Adulting

It’s been ages dear readers since I’ve rambled about life, told a story, or shared a mundane moment. I do apologize for the utter neglect!
In case some of you were wondering, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. (Although if I had, I would have gone to the moon and survived off of its cheese, but sadly you wouldn’t have known that as I doubt I’d have wifi access to update you guys) Instead, I’ve been practicing on being an adult…sort of. It’s not the easiest thing in the world but has its moments.
Yet I shall remain a child at heart!
And Lord willing, I will keep on writing!

A Quiet Day

I took a sip of tea this morning and audibly breathed out a sigh of relief and pleasure. Though there is nothing special going on in my simple life and there are enough significant problems to go around, this day, here and right now, I am happy.