Thursday Thankfulness

So I missed posting yesterday. I have failed my first February writing challenge. I was in the middle of writing late last night and I fell asleep mid-thought. Just like that. My mistake was writing in bed in an overly exhausted state. I did have time at the airport because of a delayed flight… but I chose to read for the two and half hours of waiting. That may have been my other mistake. Though it’s not as an excuse, something about the airport atmosphere and the usual circumstances of why I’m there is not conducive to focused writing. It’s as if I can get distracted by every conceivable thing!

Anyway, today is about sharing something I’m thankful for. And among my endless supply of reasons for gratitude are two related things:

  1. I love the cleaned-up and polished feeling after I get a haircut. That feeling was definitely there after chopping off six inches of my raven locks yesterday morning. As a bonus, it doesn’t feel like I’ve tied weights to my hair when it’s in a ponytail!
  2. I also appreciate that the hair on my head still grows quickly. I seem to lose a lot of hair in the shower and don’t have as much on my head as I used to, but it’s still growing strong!




A Month’s Worth of Life

A month I ago I mentioned I got a tooth extraction. The hole in my mouth still lives. That’s beside the point. The point is, a lot of unrelated things were going on since that day and I feel I might forget some of them if I don’t share it here:

  • An old friend from NY came to visit Chicago for a week and crashed at our place.
  • I watched my first White Sox game… and they did not do too hot, unlike some of our Olympian athletes  \(^o^)/!
  • Attended my first wedding of the year…much food, much dancing…
  • Saw Gwyneth Paltrow, Zooey Deschanel, and Ashton Kutcher ~(*u*)~ at Sage Summit 2016! Oh yeah, there some other celebrities too but I didn’t really know many of them beforehand like Sir Richard Branson or the stars of Shark Tank… I do now though!
  • SIGNED MY FIRST APARTMENT LEASE!!! After much searching I’ll finally be moving out at the end of the month to greener pastures(well except I won’t even have a backyard and patio like I do now, much less a pasture).
  • Our church moved to a new location with bigger facilities and we finally have Wednesday night services! I prefer Wednesday nights over Friday. Who doesn’t need a break in the middle of the week??
  • I’ll be shifting to working part-time in the city and part-time remotely which means I can spend more time sleeping in… I love working at home and I love getting my sleep. Yes, sleep is my friend.
  • Also got my first parking ticket. Apparently it’s okay to post street-cleaning signs the night before the cleaning and expect everyone to see it and move their cars…
  • I tried 19 different restaurants for the first time… up until this year I hardly ever ate out. I think I may be going overboard just a tiny bit though.
  • Last week I spent a random night at a spa resort hotel because of work. It was really nice but a bit big with it’s huge flatscreen and King size bed for just little ole’ me hahaha.

Okay now I’m going to spend the rest of the night eating leftover deep-dish and baking peanut butter chip cookies.

Liebster Strikes Ink Spot

From Bloggers, To Bloggers*

Dearest readers and fellow comrades of the blogosphere,

A couple days ago, the lovely rathermundane nominated me for the Liebster Award, which I wholly accept, under the conditions it will either, a) bring me fame and glory, b) involve a monetary gratuity gift sent to me or my student loans provider, c) a coffee date with my nominator, or d) all of the above.Read More »

How long did that even take?

Literally, I do not have a single Christmas decoration item in my house, save for a small box of little candy canes in a cupboard …from last Christmas. Which is okay since so many others in my neighborhood have lit up their house fronts.

Still, I consoled myself by watching through hours of Christmas light shows on YouTube when I should have been doing more important stuff. My brain hurts a little and so does my eyes. I wonder how much effort all those performances took. And how much energy does it use?? I’m glad some(not all, for the love of conservation) people go all out on these things, spreading holiday cheer, especially when they do it for a cause such as a fundraiser for charities.

Anyway, I don’t want my hours of staring at the flashing screen to be forgotten so I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite ones. This is so that you don’t have to sift through the entire YouTube land trying to find which ones I’m talking about, saving a lot of time and headache. You’re welcome.


This is sometimes what Christmas feels like:

If you like a bit of twang:

This one’s more electric(not as HD):

Or perhaps you’re more into dubstep(even if your not, still pretty cool):

And one of my FAVORITE houses so I just put one really long one instead of several separate ones:

Happy Christmas!

Friday Accomplishments

Things I did today that are not quite accomplishments but make me feel like I made good use of my Friday holiday:

  • Woke up before my alarm went off (which is actually a common thing in this household of early birds)
  • Finished a major assignment and turned it in -only I forgot to check for words that I spelled the American way instead of the Australian way…
  • Had a picnic with KAF sister and her friends at Wellington Point
  • Saved a sea slug from shriveling up at Wellington Point like the many beached jellyfish
  • Finally watched the first Captain American
  • Made a list from A to Z of things I could do instead of laying down on the couch while KAF mom was knitting
  • Made porcupine meatballs with KAF sister -first time I’d ever heard of such a thing but super easy!
  • Learned interesting stuff about the NYC subway via a MegaCities documentary (I have to say a spark of pride for my home state and country was lit)
  • Currently watching Rise of the Guardians
  • Started on another essay due in a few days, as in, read the prompt and wrote a couple words
  • Finished a little sketch from ages ago… clearly I need to get back in to drawing
  • Wrote this post

The night is young, what shall I do??

Good thing it’s Thursday.

Allow me to share the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly(I have yet to watch the associated film but it’s going on my watchlist).

The Good

It is Thursday so I have no classes or appointments and my one meeting was canceled(the person I was supposed to meet is sick, unfortunately for her). I can stay home and be merry…for the most part.

The Bad

There is a virtual pile of assignments that needs to get done as soon as possible but my bedroom is not usually conducive to such activities. On the plus side, I have access to boiling water for hot caffeinated beverages.

The Ugly

Due to some generous soul with a virus, my trash bin has a growing collections of snotty tissues. So in the end it works out that both the lady I was meeting and I are sick(at the same time) and should stay home. 

I like butts that glow in the dark…

That’s right, I have now added glow worms to my long and growing list of animal friends. But I’ll get to that in a bit.

Studying in Australia for a semester is already a huge scoop of blessings. On top of that, having an awesome host family(which I will hereon refer to as my KAF, short for “Kiwi-Australian Family”) practically quadruples it.

On account of my KAF’s awesomeness(sometimes indirectly), I’ve experienced and learned a whole bunch of new things just these past two days. Here are a few of my adventures:

1) It’s called Muzza’s Gourmet Pies and it’s where I enjoyed a most delicious steak and kidney meat pie. The last time I had a quality meat pie was from Battersea Pie Station in Covent Garden, London. I’ve never had any in the US though. Thanks KAF dad!

I don’t know that solitary man but clearly he does not feel sad because he’s eating a Muzza’s Gourmet pie.

2) I SAW GLOW WORMS. Admittedly, they were in a man-made tunnel cave, but still, there they were in the dark ceiling and walls, often in clusters, like drops of blue light sprinkled above me. Although I couldn’t see all the sticky silk traps(that’s how they attract prey) that hung beneath the glow worms I knew I was walking beneath and beside hundreds and thousands of them. Just FYI, like mayflies, the adult fly that emerges from the pupa of a glow worm don’t live that long -just long enough to mate and lay a couple hundred eggs.

I couldn’t take any pictures of the real thing because it would have disturbed the creatures so this’ll have to do instead:

KAF sister’s and my glow worm impersonation.

3) Bush Fires!! No worries, they were controlled bush fires started by burners set up in long rows parallel to the road. It was pretty cool to see so close. At one point I could feel the heat through the closed car window. The woody smoke billowed around our vehicle and above the gum trees, even coating a lake we drove past. 

4) A Natural Arch in Mt Tamborine made for a nice rainforest stroll. Especially when so much bad news surrounds us, from suicides, to hateful war crimes, and every other tragic story that we mourn over or evil we try to stand up against, it’s worth it to go out into nature and be refreshed. I wished I could actually climb down the rocks and peer into the water from up close, perhaps poking my toes into the pools to test the waters and get sprayed by the waterfalls. 

Looks a bit dry now though.
If it were a bit warmer and these railings weren’t in the way…

5) And what better way to end a Wednesday night list than a Bible study? Okay, so this is not one of my “new experiences” since ever. Last night’s Bible study speaker shared some important things about what it means to honor God and authority. But after the ‘official’ Bible study and stacks of junk food and Kirks Creamy Soda(which I’m not a huge fan of yet as it tastes like how I imagine baby wipes would taste like), I was enlightened on the term “fivefold minsitry” by our speaker. I won’t go into describing it all because, well, Google.

Anyway, I was aware of the roles and significance of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers, but I don’t remember ever having learned them in that structural framework and I definitely didn’t know about this mnemonic device with the hand:

(found via Google Images at


That’s all for now folks!