Happy Valentines Day!

The roots of how we celebrate Valentine’s day may be sketchy, but I’m all for observing love in its myriad forms!


Liebster Strikes Ink Spot

From Bloggers, To Bloggers*

Dearest readers and fellow comrades of the blogosphere,

A couple days ago, the lovely rathermundane nominated me for the Liebster Award, which I wholly accept, under the conditions it will either, a) bring me fame and glory, b) involve a monetary gratuity gift sent to me or my student loans provider, c) a coffee date with my nominator, or d) all of the above.Read More »

The Final Countdown

I am DONE with college. I just submitted my last undergraduate assignment ever!

Thank you Wheaton College for all the love and helping me keep focus on the One who has real power over my life!

Only three days until graduation! Hip hip hooray!

Writing Break… Sort of

So I have an incredible amount of work to do for this quad. For one of my writing classes I have to write a story for every week day this month and I’m reading a lot for one Literature class. I’m also in the midst of planning a Gospel Choir tour to Texas. And then there’s work. I’m still figuring out whether I’ll be able to fit the second job I had last semester as a lab assistant… Ah if only I didn’t need to save so much money to study in England this summer. With all these things I helplessly ask God for inspiration and  grace. As today’s chapel speaker mentioned, if we are within God’s will, He will always provide. And even it’s hard, a special joy that only God can give sustains me.

Thus I will be taking a break from WordPress until my classes cool down which may not be until next quad (March). I hope I can write here and there before then…

New Year’s Eve

New Year resolutions? I don’t remember what last year’s were. They were probably along the lines of “to be a better person, friend, Christian, sister, student, ect.” I must have made at least one specific and detailed resolution but I’ve forgotten what it was which means I probably haven’t done it. I’m more of a daily resolutions kind of girl but I want to try again this coming year!

This could be one of my resolutions -that is, to write regularly about anything in any form and style. Will I be committed? I guess I’ll find out in 365 days (if the world is still as it is now by then).

Here’s to a new year! Hello 2013!